FAQ / About Us

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Who are you?
    1. My name is Doug Chamberlain, and I'm an engineer who makes knives and aftermarket handles part-time.
  2. What’s the deal with the name “Squiggle’s Scales”?
    1. Our mascot is my pet python, Mr. Squeeze E. Squiggle
  3. Do you make handles for clones, too?
    1. No. I do not support clones, nor anyone who does.
  4. Can I pay you to mod my knife?
    1. No. I do not do custom mods for people.
  5. Do you make custom spacers or full length spacers for your 6X handles?
    1. No. You use the hardware that the knife came with.
  6. Why do your handles cost so much?
    1. I am a single person making handles in the U.S.A. Unlike some more distasteful characters in the community, I take the quality of my handles extremely seriously. I have spent more than 2 years iterating through many sets of handles to continuously improve them, and I still continue to look for ways to make them even better.
  7. Do you give out handles for people to review?
    1. No. I have a small group of people who I consult with frequently and get private feedback from. While other people in the community are happy to give away stuff in exchange for good review, I am not. I only want people to say my handles/scales are good if they actually are, so none of the people I am consulting with are making public reviews because it would be a conflict of interest.
  8. Can I pay you extra to get on a waitlist, or get a set of handles sooner?
    1. No. I want everybody to have a fair chance of getting a set of handles/scales.
  9. Can you make handles for my ____________?
    1. No. I do not take custom orders for things.
  10. Do your handles fit on the Benchmade 40 series?
    1. No. I do not make any handles for the Benchmade 40 series.
  11. When will _____________ be in stock?
    1. Unless specifically stated otherwise, there is no definite timeline for any handle sets.
  12. Will you be making more of ____________?
    1. Unless specifically stated otherwise, there is no definite timeline for any handle sets.
  13. Can you make channel handles for ___________?
    1. No. I believe that channel handles are inferior to chandwich and/or sandwich handles. The main benefits of channel handles can be had with chandwich handles, and the primary negatives of channel handles generally are not present in the chandwich designs. For this reason, if I think a particular knife would benefit from channel handles, I would just make chandwich handles instead.
  14. Can you do a custom ano pattern on handles I order (splash, lightning, etc)?
    1. No. I do not do custom ano work. I don’t find anodizing to be fun, but I offer it for people who want their handles to be a different color (simplistic).
  15. Where did you learn to machine stuff?
    1. I taught myself because I wanted to make myself some titanium handles for my Benchmade 62 that a good friend of mine gave to me. I had no prior woodworking or metalworking experience.